Субота, 06. Јул 2013.


Vratna Stone Gates 

Near by the Monastery of Vratna, on the mountain river, clear and suitable for fishing, there are huge stone gates, that is the nature made without chisel and hammer. " The first gate was named Veliki Prerast, second was called Mali Prerast, an third is called Suvi Prerast. Whole complexVratna, village, monastery and gates, surrounded by the rivers and forests is one of the most interesting tourist destinations of Negotinska Krajina. These "charms" of Negotin is only thirty kilometers away.

Cliffs of Mokranje  

About 10 kilometers southern of Negotin, close to the village Mokranje, the river of Sikole has created a wonderful waterfall and a beautiful lake. Although of his modest size, this place called Cliffs of Mokranje, is a popular beach resort of surrounding villages and inhabitants of Negotin.


The Danube is the second largest river in Europe, through Negotin area flows in a length of 31 kilometers. It has an attractive coastline, bays and it’s tributaries. It abounds in diversity and richness of wild life, where a significant place that is reflected in the 58 permanent settled species of fish, the most important of which are: catfish, perch, pike, chub, barbel, dace, bream, carp, and other types of sterlet. Few kilometers from the Negotin is the beach Kusjak which the people of Negotin is calling their sea and it is a favorite summer destination for many people from this area. Close to the beach there are moderated sport grounds.

Deli Jovan

At the bottom of Deli Jovan, at the altitude of 480 meters, are the “Stevanske Livade”, the natural and climatic conditions in the plane, the most famous air spa in Serbia. There is the workers resort with all facilities and associated facilities (facilities for soccer, volleyball and handball, fitness trail).