Субота, 06. Јул 2013.


In the past old churches were in several places in Negotinska Krajina, all of them were built of wood and almost all are missing. In the beginning of the nineteenth century the churches are starting to be built with hard material, so they were present in almost all villages in Negotin municipality. The most valuable are the old Holy Mother of God Church and Holy Trinity Church in Negotin. 

Holy Trinity Church is located in the very center of the city on the corner of Stevan Mokranjac square and Hajduk Veljko street and with it monumentally and architectural values gives a special visual mark to the old city center of Negotin. The project for the church was made in the Department of Construction. Construction was completed in 1874, and blessed in 1876. The church is in neoclassicism (national) with elements of neo-Renaissance style. The church iconostasis is from 1901 and it is the work of academic Stevan Todorovic and his wife Poleksija. By the number of decree 561/67 of 02.06.1967. of The Republic Institute for Protection of Cultural Monuments was placed under the protection of the law. 

The Church of the Holy Mother was built in 1803. year, at the time when the Turkish mosque pairs the eyes of the Christian population. However, Pazvan-oglu approved the church construction at the request of Metropolitan Kalinik. During the defense of Negotin in the first Serbian Uprising the church was the hospital for accommodation of the wounded, and in its port legendary hero Hajduk Veljko and several of his haiduks was buried. The famous Serbian composer Stevan Mokranjac also conduct and sing in the church.