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Mokranjac days  

Each September, from the year 1966 the festival of music in memory of the greatest Serbian composer Stevan Stojanovic Mokranac is taking place in Negotin. At this festival played most famous musicians from Serbia and from the territory of former Yugoslavia, but also many world-renowned pianist and quires. The singing of quires is a natural crown of " Mokranjac days" . In the spirit of supporting the festival, are a number of exhibitions of pictures, book promotions, Lectures, and trips to tourist destinations of “Negotinska Krajina”.



Vlaska nosnja 

Sv. Trifun

Every 14th February, at the Breweries people celebrate St. Trifun, the protector of winemakers and vineyards. On that day the grape vines are pruned in order for the grape yield to be as good as the previous year. Love towards wine is displayed through socializing and celebrating with music until the late evening hours.



Vlaska nosnja 

“The Festival of Vlachian Music”

A Mixture of Vlachian and Serbian creativity in songs and dances, as well as authentic instruments represent just one part of the treasure that is Negotinska Krajina (literally: krajina – inland). Each village has its ensemble of folk songs and dances, and Negotin’s is properly named “Stevan Mokranjac”. “The Festival of Vlachian Music” (29 – 30. April) is a festivity of great importance for the recognition and preservation of the original Vlachian culture.



International Fair of honey and wine 

Fair brings together a large number of participants from Serbia, Bulgaria and Romania, the producers of honey, wine, souvenirs, herbs, accessories manufacturers, restaurants, and all those involved in the sale, distribution and consumption of honey and wine. 
Besides the official program will be held tastings and lectures on wine production and beekeeping. 
As part of the assessment and declaration Best Wine at the Fair. 
The whole festival is accompanied by a rich cultural - entertaining program. 
Date: May 12 



Customs from Krajina

Event is in honor of the great victory of Serbian and Russian military led by Karadjordje, Hajduk Veljko, Milenko Stojkovic, and Peter Dobrnjac with the Turkish mullah Paša in 1807 year. A large number of visitors enjoy the competition player, spinner, shepherd's games, food and cleaning people at the end of course, selecting the most beautiful shepherdess. 
Date: 18 and 19 June



Dan Dunava   

The “Danube Day” 

The “Danube Day” is held on 29th June, a day when the beach is alive with water sport enthusiasts. As a part of the program there is a regatta, a rowing and fishing contest and at the end of the day everyone can help themselves to some home-made fish stew.



Moto skup Negotin 

The Motorcycle Rally

The Motorcycle Rally (14 – 15 July) attracts motorcycle enthusiasts form all over Serbia. This festivity consists of a rock concert, biker games and a biker parade. There is even an organized camping place for bikers from other cities.



Other events 

Vinegrowing glory St.Trifun Rajac wine cellars- Date: 14 February 
City-glory Spasovdan Date: End of May 
Village meetings - Date: during the spring 
Čučuk Stana Days in Sikole - Date: 8 August 
Rogljevo harvest - Date: September